4 Important Things to Consider When Getting a Small Business Loan

Want to start your own business but do not have the money to begin? Many would-be entrepreneurs think there is a simple solution to this dilemma a small business loan. While small business loans are a superb way to acquire the capital you want to start or grow a small company, the action of acquiring one that meets your business’ needs might not be quite as simple. If you’re thinking of financing for your small company, keep these four important things in mind.

1. Your Business History

You can’t begin a business without cash, but you can not get the money (at a classic small business loan) with no business history. Many bank lenders won’t even look at a business to get a loan unless it has been successfully operating for a couple of decades. On top of this, most conventional lenders require robust business credit ratings, which can be obtained by attaining a near-perfect payment history with vendors, providers, and other creditors. In most situations, the only way around this is to seek your initial funding from an alternate source, such as crowdfunding, your retirement account, friends and family, or internet lenders.

2. Your Personal Financial Situation

Although your goal is to maintain your personal finances and those of the company completely different, this may be difficult once you’re first starting out. When you do obtain financing or another kind of credit for the company, you’ll probably have to guarantee it, meaning if the business can not cover its debts, you may be responsible for payment. Furthermore, your personal credit rating and financial history will be taken into account when applying for a loan or other credit until your company has built up a history of its own. That means before you apply for financing, you will wish to be certain that your personal finances are in great condition. Pay off any outstanding debt and do what you will need to do to boost your credit score.

3. Your Timing

There’s plenty of paperwork involved, and you must supply documentation which could take some time to write and compile, like a comprehensive business plan, balance sheet, and income statements. Most businesses will have to submit several applications until they find a lender that’s a fantastic fit. There may be a waiting period between when an application is filed and when it’s approved. Following an approval, it may take some time to get a loan to be processed until you have access to the money. This is to say that the conventional small business lending process does not happen overnight. Do not expect to walk into the bank and walk out with the cash you require.

4. The Fine Print

Sometimes business owners are so keen to find a loan, they fail taking a look at the fine print, for example, rate of interest, term, payment schedule, and fees. These are all significant factors when accepting a loan. You shouldn’t enter a loan contract if you’re not sure you can comfortably make the payments. In addition, there are scenarios where a loan’s interest and fees are so exorbitant, it may not be worthwhile to pursue that specific offer. Adjustable interest rates are just another complex element to take into account. Make sure to weigh all the options and do not always jump at the first loan acceptance that comes your way.

Securing capital for your new and growing business can by a challenging undertaking, but if you go in the loan process with realistic expectations and appropriate preparation, it may be painless and rewarding experience.

Updated: October 31, 2018 — 9:11 pm
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