Best Hydration Pack Reviews 2017 : Comparison And Buying Guide

Are you looking for the Best Hydration Pack Reviews 2017 that will enable you to stay sufficiently hydrated and fueled throughout your challenging workouts? You are in the right place. Regardless of your particular type of workout, the hydration packs we review will always keep your water within easy reach for your strenuous, sweat-dripping exercise.

Our hydration pack reviews seek to equip you with crucial hydration pack details so that you can gain a deeper understanding of these important products. So, this incredible review will primarily describe types, factors to consider when shopping and the best place to acquire high-quality hydration packs. After reading through, therefore, you will be best positioned to purchase the best hydration pack in the market. Read on.

Types of Hydration Packs

1. Lightweight

These kinds of hydration pack are, basically, water carriers. While some may include a few extras such as small pockets for a mobile phone and keys, they are not multipurpose daypacks. However, despite their tiny size, the Best Hydration Pack in this category are typically very comfortable and stable, hence suitable for various types of sweat-dripping workouts.

2. Mid-Size

Hydration packs in this category are not as small as fanny packs but instead marginally larger and contain shoulder straps. While most brands (especially the smaller ones) do not feature a hip belt, quite a good number come with a chest strap intended to help distribute the weight. Their capacities range from 15-35 liters.

3. Full Size

Full-size hydrated packs are fundamentally backpacks containing integrated hydration, a feature that makes them very useful for a variety of purposes. With the improvement in designs, the best hydration packs now available in a wide range of sizes to suit different workouts. Most full-size hydration packs in this category come with a standard size bladder, but, if need be, you can fit in a bigger bladder.

The volume of a hydration pack (measured in cubic inches/liters) provides a rough estimate of the amount of stuff you can put into it. The volume, nonetheless, indicates the total capacity. Consequently, the space available for you to cram other stuff is the difference between the stated value and the volume of the bladder.

Comparison Chart

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Things to Consider When Buying

1. Fitment and Stability

Purchase a hydration pack designed to suit your intended workout to avoid the pack jostling about while you are working out. Make sure it is thin and streamlined enough make you feel comfortable throughout your exercise regime. Also, settle for your exact bladder size because the weight of excess water strapped to your back can be irritating, abrasive and tiring.

2. Balance

Carrying an amount of localized water on your back can interfere with your balance especially if your workout involves some motion. So, you want to buy the hydration pack that distributes your weight thus helping you maintain balance. The best hydration pack features sternum straps or hip belt pockets on the front and hence are ideal for various workouts since they provide an opportunity to balance your backpack load.

3. Compatibility

Make sure the accessories of the hydration pack you are considering are compatible with those available in the market. This feature makes it very convenient to buy and replace any, in the event any of them gets lost or is worn out. It also allows you to upgrade, say the bladder, with a lot of ease.

4. Cleaning

You will need to clean the bladder often. So, for hydration packs that come with dedicated bladders, factor in the ease of cleaning the same; oddly shaped bladders and those containing a small aperture are not easy to clean. The Best Hydration Pack, on the other hand, comes with zip-top bladders, in which the entire bladder body is readily accessible through an ample top opening.

5. Insulation

Consider insulation if you’ll be working out during extreme climatic conditions. In freezing weather, the bladder/hose may freeze making it difficult to drink from your hydration pack. Settle for the one whose hydration bladder and hydration tubes have adequate insulation for extreme weather performance.

The 5 Best Hydration Pack Reviews

The following is a list of the top 5 best hydration pack reviews of 2017 with brief details on their features and benefits to guide you in comparing and choosing the most appropriate and best hydration pack for your needs.

1. CamelBak M.U.L.E. Hydration Pack

CamelBak M.U.L.E. Hydration Pack

This undoubtedly one of the Best Hydration Pack with everything you require for a whole day exercising including a 3-litre reservoir, tool organizer, helmet hook and a smooth, maneuverable fit. It also has a narrow-gauge design making it light. Subsequently, even after fully loading it for a busy day, it will not exasperate. The latest version feature Crux reservoir that is incredibly easy to load and fill up; it delivers enough water every sip.

Key Features & Benefits

Ample Capacity: CamelBak strikes a balance between size and storage; it is lightweight yet large enough to carry enough gear and snacks, including remarkable three liters of water.

Insulation: It features air channels deliberately included to keep your back sufficiently cool as you hike, bike or take part in any activity of your choice. So, if you are looking for the Best Hydration Pack that suits a broad range of temperatures, this model is ideal for you.

Stability: The hydration pack performs exemplary as far as stability in concerned, thanks to sturdy removable belts that keep everything in place even during rides. It, therefore, won’t stand in your way as you advance your workouts to include more vigorous activities.

Extra features: some of the additional features, included to make your workout stress-free, are magnetic trap that ensures your tube remain secure and accessible and a separate zipper cubicle that houses a tool organizer.

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2. Nathan Intensity Race Vest

Nathan Intensity Race VestNathan Intensity hydration pack, ideal for women, provides exceptional hydration and storage on the go. Unlike several other products, it moves harmoniously with your upper back and shoulders thus reducing, significantly, wasted energy. Intensity is engineered, especially, to keep you hydrated, without having to slow down, thus featuring prominently as one of the Best Hydration Packs in the market. Check out its features below;

Key Features & Benefits

Comfort: it features a stylish design and extra pockets, and comes with a mesh shoulder straps and as such sits on your back through the day without feeling bulky. Opting to buy this product, therefore, gives you access to hindrance-free performance, great comfort, and enough hydration supply

Ease of use: Nathan’s high-quality zipper makes the hydration bladder irresistibly easy to access. Its Bite Mt valve is, also, twisted to a right-angle and hence facilitates easy shut-off with just one twist. Zippered front pockets deliver enough space for keys, ID cards, cell phone just in case you want to bring them along.

Performance: The Vest’s intensity fits perfectly the female form, whether curvy or petite. The 3-way hardness, furthermore securely fasten your stuff, while enhancing your posture. Nathan, therefore, feels like an extension of your natural body as you endure an intense, outdoor workout environment. Nathan Intensity specifically takes care of the needs of female athletes.

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3. CamelBak Women’s 2016 Aurora Hydration Pack

CamelBak Womens Aurora Hydration PackSmall yet mighty, Aurora is the correct size for all your essential gear and hydration during your workout. It boasts of utmost convenience, thanks to a remarkably expansive storage. You can use its generous storage for nutrition, electronic gadgets, survival or first aid kits and liquids among many other essential outdoor accessories. Below are features of this well-constructed, maximum utility, CamelBak Women’s Hydration Pack.

Key Features & Benefits

Durability and safety: The Hydration pack is exclusively made of top-quality nylon and hence provides unparalleled durability. It also comes in two variants: Purple majestic and Oceanic blue and its material, decorated with reflective embellishments, maintains your visibility in lowly lit surroundings. The strips even come with a convenient tab to enable you to clip easily for greater safety during your evening or early morning trips.

Comfort: it uses a breathable air mesh design and as such achieves maximum comfort even in sweltering weather. Besides, its air channels that contain Pod foams enable the hydration pack to deliver enhanced air flow thus keeping your back cool during your entire workout regime.

Women-targeted features: some of the women-specific functionality and aesthetic structures include relatively short back panel and S-shaped, Velvet-lined harness specially included to ensure a comfortable and secure fit around the chest area.

Impressive hydration features: a high-tech Antidote reservoir has a quick-snap cap, kink-resistant Pureflow among many other innovative capabilities giving Aurora outstanding hydration performance. Its reservoir is easy to refill; the external rapid-release flap lies up front.

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4. CamelBak 2016 Lobo Hydration Pack

CamelBak Lobo Hydration PackLobo weighs in at slightly over one pound and delivers a hydration capacity of three liters. It is, therefore, ideal for days when you want to leave behind your gear and travel light without sacrificing your hydration space. It features an external Fill, with which you can refill the reservoir without unloading anything making it one of the Best Hydration Packs available. Below are its outstanding features;

Key Features & Benefits

Appealing fitness: well-padded shoulder straps coupled with waist and chest belts ensure that the hydration pack fits securely thus keeping everything in place. I find this feature particularly irresistible since my workouts mostly include contorting myself through twisty trails.

Invulnerable Pockets: Lobo’s very many zip pockets (including one with cable port) handle the kit while a rubberized back panel keeps off even the worst splashes. Webbing straps are also comfortable and light, while the optional stability straps come in handy during steep descents.

Satisfactory insulation: the hydration pack has a thickly-insulated back that comes in handy during hot weather conditions. You will, therefore, find it ideal for performing mountain bike adventures. A removable waist belt ensures you remain stable as you ride on uneven terrain.

Extras: a magnetic tube strap implies the drinking tube is always within easy reach. Helmet hooks, on the other hand, make it convenient to carry the helmet when you’re not riding.

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5. Tactical Hydration Pack

Tactical Hydration PackTactical Hydration Pack features a compact design and comfortable shoulder straps. Its replaceable inner bladder holds a considerable 2.5 Liters of water while its hands-free hydration hose contains Bite valve and hence is extremely convenient. Ever since it was released, its popularity has been increasing with many users praising its incredible workmanship. It weighs in at 22 ounces and measures 19 X 10 X 1.5 inches, making it one of the most compact hydration packs in the market. Check out its detailed features below;

Key Features & Benefits

All-size-fits-all shoulder straps: the straps fit a broad range of chest sizes, from kid/teenagers with 27-inch to adults (both male and female) with 50-inch chest size. They fit so well the pack won’t bounce when working out. Additionally, this Best Hydration Pack contains a whistle buckle for emergency purposes.

Sturdy build: Tactical hydration pack has rugged, heavy duty construction complete with robust linings that are resistant to tear and abrasion. It is, therefore, ideal for a full range of workout activities, including running, cycling, biking, and hiking.

Deliver reasonably cooling water: The 2.5L BPA-free bladder is specifically designed to keep the water suitably refreshing. Additionally, it includes a large screw cap to enable you to add ice cubes so as to get an even cooler drinking water.

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Where to Buy

The best place to purchase the best hydration pack is, your ultimate, credible and trustworthy online store. Buying one preferred model on the site is the only way of ensuring you get a genuine product; the site exclusively sells authentic products. The prices are also competitive ensuring you get value for your money.

The process of purchasing on Amazon is also fast; the process is user-friendly as it does not require special skills to use. It is the only way you can acquire your dream product at the comfort of your living room. Take advantage of these appealing benefits and get the hydration of your dream.


The best hydration pack is comfortable, fits securely and comfortable to carry besides having several other useful attributes. Such a hydration pack makes exercising not only rewarding but also stress-free as it allows you to bring along all the essentials including gear, keys, and mobile phones. By taking your time while shopping and factoring features outlined in the guide above, you will get the best hydration gear that best suits your gender as well as your particular activity.

If in a hurry, consider settling for any of the top five products according to our Best Hydration Pack Reviews 2017. They are suitable for different dangers and have all the crucial features you need to exercise.

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