First See: Stove Cooks Pizza With Your Campfire

You can have kitchen-quality pizza in the outdoors. But it’s going to cost you dearly.

The smell of tomato sauce, and cheese, bread wafted into the air and through the doors of the GearJunkie office. We were testing the Field Oven from Snow Peak, a camping oven designed to cook and bake foods in temperatures upwards of 500-degrees Celsius.

The plan is straightforward. Heap coals into the reservoir, put the oven on top, and slide in the ‘za. Six to 10 minutes after, pull on out ‘er and begin eating.

Snow Peak adds this accessory on top to behave as an oven, and uses the brand’s present Pack & Carry Hearth. It performs much like a kitchen oven although heated by fire.

Snow Peak: Tradition, Craft, Heritage
Launched in Japan in 1958, Snow Peak specializes in high quality and durable camp cookware. With a lifestyle image that is glossy, Snow Peak’s equipment is usually expensive.

And this oven is no exception. In total, the setup is $465.

Field Oven Test: Snow Summit
Made from stainless and chromed steel, the oven weighs in at 14.5 Pound. x 18.5? x 6? and has a ceramic baking sheet. We tested it on a balmy winter day.

pizza oven snowpeakThis oven gets hot. I poured on a windy afternoon expecting to want a lot of heat in coals. The result was a fully charged under side of the very first pizza (do not worry, the cheese was salvaged and oh-so yummy).

We took some coals out, allow the oven cool a bit, and tried another pizza. The second result was far more successful, baking the pizza in about six minutes. We analyzed the oven with both uncooked and cooked dough, and it worked satisfactorily with both.

It would function well for forming crusts on the very top of your meals, or browning the very top of oven bakes and provides heat from all sides.

To assemble the Field Oven, unfold the hearth, place the grill bridge on that, and also the field oven on top of the grill bridge. It’s a three-part contraption. This makes a little, 5-inch gap between the heat and food source.

pizza oven snowpeakWho Should Purchase Snow Peak’s Field Oven?
At $465, this oven is completely expensive. There are a lot more affordable means to cook pizza outside. Or cook with pizza toppings in a simple pan over the fire. , effective options that are more economical are easily available.

But for the executive chef who would like the genuine article in the outside, and might have some endeavors that are baking, the oven gets the job done nicely.

pizza oven snowpeakThe oven is available at several retailers across the US that house Snow Peak gear. Otherwise, all of the brand’s products are available on its site. The oven will be available after this year.

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