Ultra Vesta Running Pack Fit For Mountain Trails

Essentials are ’sed by a complete day, packed light against your body. We examined the Ultra Vesta by Ultimate Direction in a run during the Rocky Mountains.

The Ultra Vesta for women received a handful of leading updates for 2016. The first vest design was reviewed by me this past year, and I didn’t think it could get much better.

It did.

The fresh vest has enhanced organization and greater fluid capacity while weighing less.

Review: Greatest Guidance Women’s Ultra Vesta ($135)
The vest created with lead designer Jenny Jurek weighs only 8 ounces, but it’s nicely-designed and holds a lot of tools. I found with about 7 liters storage capacity, the Ultra Vesta was a great fit for all of my fuel, extra layers, rain jacket, miscellaneous items (such as a headlamp and safety blanket), and water on summer and fall ultradistance trail runs.

Ultimate Direction Ultra VestaIt was also a streamlined, light pack for races. The vest has 70 and net D nylon ripstop fabric, so it wicks away sweat ’s long-lasting, and has good ventilation. Plus, it feels feather-light.

The Ultra Vesta worked for me on snowy, cold winter training runs, too—when you probably taking more fuel, water, and layers. But, depending on a runner’s inclination, I may suggest a bigger pack size such as the Adventure Vesta, which has a capacity closer to 11 liters.

Smart Pocket Design
Greatest Guidance reshaped and enlarged the two pockets on the straps (below the holsters) to fit a standard cell phone. Regrettably, larger phones, including the iPhone plus, are too tall and stretch above the pocket. Consequently, they might flop out. Hopefully future updates of this vest will offer a pocket size to match mega-size phones.

On the face of the pack, what was once one large, zipper- pocket that was got was separated into two smaller compartments. The upgrade makes organizing smaller items like gloves, bites, headlamps, salt tablatures, etc. a million times simpler than fishing around in one giant cavity. Please follow the link to get more information about best hydration pack reviews.

Large Water Capacity
The shoulder straps also have bigger bottle holsters. The carry two 500 ml soft bottles, versus the two hard 10-oz bottles in the prior vest. A reservoir sleeve is, in addition, in the back most compartment, which can hold a 50- or 70-liter bladder.

Mount Elbert Summit ColoradoI was distrustful of the bottles that are bigger initially, but favored them for several reasons. Generally, the softness makes them more comfortable to take against the chest. Plus, they’re are lightweight and compressible. Lastly, the nozzle is spill-proof, soft, and bite-able, so you could drink on the go. (The preceding tough bottles had a traditional pop-outside mouth. I frequently experienced spillage if I didn’t completely pop the mouth back into position, or would hit my teeth when I tried to drink as I ran.)

Bungee System
One of my favourite organizational attributes is the compression bungee on the vest’s face. Held in place by tiny loops, the cord zigzags from one side to the other. You can use the anchors to pull the bungee cord tighter to compress attire—like a rain jacket— or use it to strap in trekking poles.

Close up of anchorsBelow the bungee is an outdoor mesh pocket at which you can tuck wet or bulky clothing, though I did this is used by n’t. Rather, I trail running posts right beneath the bungee and strapped my rain jacket.

Adjustable Size
Two sternum straps in front slide along a railing, so a woman can fix the straps to fit her shape and to accommodate a complete or empty pack. There are also adjustable side straps for a tighter or looser fit.

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